Student Legal Services

Woodbury Campus Center
Dean of Student Life Suite, Room 135A
USM Portland

Student Legal Services are provided for USM students taking one or more undergraduate credits. A qualified lawyer contracted by the University through the USM Student Senate is available for professional advice, consultation, or referral, but not for representation in court.

Your Student Fees have already paid for this service! So if you have legal questions, please contact us.

We are in the Woodbury Campus Center, Dean of Student Life, Suite #135A.

Mailing Address

University of Southern Maine
Student Legal Services
P.O. Box 9300
Portland, ME 04104-9300

Maine State Bar Association Lawyer Referral & Information Service
Pine Tree Legal Assistance
Pine Tree is a nonprofit corporation established in 1966 by private attorneys in Maine to meet the need for legal assistance by low-income residents.
Portland Office: (207) 774-8211
Volunteer Lawyers Project
1-800-442-4293 or (207) 774-4348
USM Student Legal Services Attorney Information

Susan Hopkins, Esq.
(207) 780-4792

Attorney's Hours

Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Other appointment times are available as well as appointments at the Gorham campus. USM students staff the office during other hours to interview you about your legal problems, provide informational brochures and schedule appointments with the attorney. Please call or email for an appointment and describe the nature of your legal problem. Confidentiality is ensured.